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Integrity Staffing Solutions
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We prefer action to words.
We generate opportunities for people to exceed their own expectations, and advance careers, companies and communities. We've heard it said on the street that our record is nothing short of phenomenal. To be honest, we're not big on hype or hearsay. We prefer to let you judge for yourself.

Here are the facts:

  • Integrity Staffing Solutions was launched by industry veterans Todd Bavol and Sean Montgomery to fill a need for program innovation and creativity in the temporary and direct hire employment sector. The year was 1997.

  • Recruitment quality and customer service was raised to a previously unseen level with the introduction of Integrity Staffing's customized client programs and web-based workforce management solution,

  • Within just five years of launch, the company had achieved 11,000% growth and was ranked the second fastest growing private company in America by Inc magazine. This makes Integrity Staffing Solutions the continent's fastest growing employment and human resource consulting agency.

  • In July of 2005, Integrity Staffing Solutions was notified by Philadelphia100 that they had been chosen as one of the 100 fastest growing privately held companies in the region for the fifth year in a row. This honor places Integrity Staffing Solutions in the Philadelphia 100 Hall of Fame. Integrity Staffing Solutions is one of only 33 companies to earn this honor.

  • Today, Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national powerhouse, serving thousands of clients in Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our elite Employment Law Certified team is renowned for its success in protecting our clients from costly co-employment issues.

  • Integrity Staffing Solutions goal is to be the vendor of choice in each of the markets we service.

Impressive? We hope you think so. But you haven't seen anything yet! We're taking the staffing industry further into the future every single day.

If you'd like to be there at our side, just contact us.