Lead Placement Specialist


Pay:$13.50 Hourly
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Job ID:3195


Melissa Powell


Placement Specialists are efficient, follow process closely and enjoy working with people They are very comfortable speaking with diverse populations, are technically savvy and professional in demeanor and speech.

Here are some questions to consider if this is the right job for you:
When was the last time you did something completely new and unexpected and learned something utterly surprising about yourself? Was there ever a moment when you took on more than you could handle only to discover you could handle even more? Did you ever want something just out of reach and pushed yourself just enough to grab it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions you’re going to like this job. Here you’ll learn things about yourself you never knew existed.

Primary Functions:
•    Greet applicants with enthusiasm and professionalism, making them feel relaxed, welcomed, and valued. 
•    Communicate with the applicant all pertinent information regarding the assignment, to include policies, expectations, and requirements of the client. 
•    Ensure that all processes are completed within the interview, including administering an oral drug test, collecting information such as ID and education, completing an I9 to verify work authorization. 
•    Ensure that each applicant knows all of the necessary details for their assignment and has the opportunity to have any and all questions answered. 
•    Excellent Attendance.
•    Ability to positive, friendly and focused on our candidate pool for duration of an 8 to 12-hour shift. 
•    Impeccable attention to detail and ability to follow standard process

Basic Requirements: 
•    2-3 years’ customer service experience (preferably in a script-based environment like an outbound call center) 
•    High-level comfort using web-based software as well as peripherals like webcams and scanners 
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
•    Ability to work extended hours and/or Saturday/Sunday to meet business needs.


Integrity Staffing is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





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