Integrity Staffing Solutions
Integrity Staffing Solutions
About Integrity

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we offer much more than a new job experience and a paycheck; we provide the opportunity for you to learn new skills, advance your career and discover the possibilities you never knew existed. Everything we do is intended to help you succeed. After all, we believe you are our brand; you shape our reputation and play an integral role in our success. If we help you make a difference in your future, we’ve done our job.

Our Mission
We generate opportunities for people to exceed their own expectations, and advance careers, companies and communities.

Our Core Values
These 10 Core Values guide our company’s culture, our brand, and our business strategy:

  • Advocate For Our Associates’ Success

    Advocate For Our Associates’ Success
    So often, the GREATEST IMPACT on our associates comes from getting the little things—the unexpected things—CONSISTENTLY RIGHT. So let’s focus on the details from their perspective, and make our associates’ time with us the MOST REWARDING it can be.

  • The Greatest Incentive Is Opportunity

    The Greatest Incentive Is Opportunity
    We GIVE OUR ALL when we can see the next peak to CONQUER.

  • Don’t Be Afraid, You Can Do It!

    Don’t Be Afraid, You Can Do It!
    We ask a lot of each other, because our clients ask a lot of us. Sometimes it seems the task at hand is impossible, until we EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE, push back our fear, and discover our TRUE ABILITIES.